PMS Colors for Beach and Bath Towels

Color of Towel Pantone Color (PMS)
Athletic Gold130 CAthletic Gold
Baby Pink217 CBaby Pink
Burgundy505 CBurgundy
Caribbean Blue2727 CCaribbean Blue
Cool GrayCool Grey 6 CCool Gray
Hunter Green330 CHunter Green
Lavender2563 CLavender
Lime Green360 CLime Green
Mint332 CMint
Navy Blue648 CNavy Blue
Neon Pink212 CNeon Pink
Neon Yellow393 CNeon Yellow
Orange1505 COrange
Purple275 CPurple
Royal Blue287 CRoyal Blue
Salsa Red186 CSalsa Red
Sunshine Yellow1215 CSunshine Yellow
Tan727 CTan
Turquoise312 CTurquoise